Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The 4 Best Strap Lock Systems for Guitar and Bass

Whether you’re a professional musician or you’re just practicing at home, strap locks are one of the best ways to prevent damage to your instruments by accidentally dropping them while playing. These systems are inexpensive and lock your strap which prevents it from slipping off the guitar in even the most extreme playing conditions. They can be installed in minutes on just about any guitar, and don’t require any special tools other than a screwdriver. There are a variety of different strap locks on the market today, each with a varying quality and ease of installation.

4. Fender Strap Blocks

The Fender Strap Blocks are an inexpensive solution for anyone looking to secure their instrument with minimal hassle. This system consists or two rubber pieces that slip over your strap after it is on the existing strap buttons and prevent it from sliding off easily. This system won’t be as secure as many of the true locking systems, and results may vary based on the size and quality of the existing strap buttons on the instrument. They do have the advantage of allowing you to use them on different instruments and straps, whereas the other systems are limited to being installed on only one guitar and strap at a time.

3. Ernie Ball Super Locks

The Ernie Ball Super Locks are a replacement for the existing strap buttons on the guitar. They also have a part that clamps down on a strap and holds it securely in the strap button. These strap locks appear very large and may not look nice on all guitars. They also limit you to only using a strap with the system installed, since the small strap buttons would not securely hold a strap on its own.

2. Schaller Security Straplocks

The Schaller Security Straplocks include a replacement strap button and locking system for one guitar and strap. It has a pull release system and the weight of the guitar rests in a U-shaped metal pocket connected to the strap, instead of the strap itself which can stretch and work its way loose over time. This system seems secure and will definitely hold the weight of the guitar, but the design prevents to much swiveling of the strap. The strap is secured by a washer and thread system, which makes installation easy for a variety of different strap thicknesses. It is possible to use this system with other straps since it can also be used as a regular strap button, but this strap button is small and the strap could easily come loose. The Schaller strap locks come in a few different finishes to match your guitar hardware.

1. Dunlop Straplok® Dual Design Strap Retainer System

In our opinion, the Dunlop Straplok® Dual Design Strap Retainer System is the best of its kind on the market. It features the dual design strap buttons, meaning it works great as a strap lock system or as regular strap buttons with any other kind of strap. The strap buttons are much larger than the Schaller system so they’ll be able to hold a regular strap much more securely. Depending on how thick of a strap you plan on using, this system may be a little harder to install since it relies on a clip instead of a nut and washer to secure the strap. This system features an easy push-button release mechanism, and we’ve never had any problems with it releasing accidentally. The Dunlop strap locks allow the strap to swivel freely and the variety of different finishes with allow you to choose a type that matches nicely with just about any guitar hardware.

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